About Us

DH Global is a company that puts customer satisfaction first.

(lnc)DH Global

With new thinking that always leads, respect for human beings, new technology development, and eco-friendly technology through strengthening quality competitiveness We are doing our best under the value of “Welcome employee, trusted product, proud company”.

(lnc)DH Global

Air Dresser, kimchi refrigerator OEM business and own brand (refrigerator, freezer, ice maker) development and manufacturing Eco-friendly green management and development of the best products as well as technology improvement are selected as the top priority and grow together with customers. We promise to approach you as a more trusted company.

Company Motto

“Creation and Reform” /
“Harmony and Cooperation” /
“Responsibility and Practice”

Management Philosophy

“Grow together with customers
by realizing customer satisfaction”


Customer Satisfaction Management

If you want to be loved by customers through customer satisfaction,
always cherish customers expressing gratitude is the key to success.

Customer Value Management

Establishing a management direction based on customer value and establishing
a management system suitable for the direction innovate organizational capabilities.

Open Management

With Open Book Management,
employees think and act like managers with managerial mindset.