Manufacturing production line

Sheet metal automation process

- Implementation of U-Bender process unmanned automation in product input

- Efficient use of space in the take-out process by applying a multi-joint robot

Automated foaming process

- Establishment of foaming automation through individual fixture utilization

- Automatic control system through barcode reading

Injection Process

Status of injection molding machines

Division 3300t 2700t 2700t 2300t
Catapult LS-The ONE LS-The ONE LS-The ONE LS-The ONE
Take-out method Multi-joint Robot

Raw Material Supply Division

- Establishment of Raw Material Auto Feeding System and Monitoring System


PRESS automated process (300t)

- Transfer and take-out using multi-joint robot

PRESS automated process (600t)

- Transferring and taking out parts using an articulated robot

- Establishment of automatic mold changer

Powder coating automation process