Crystal Ice Maker

The first edition confidently presented by Stenic is a different level of ice quality and ample capacity,
It is an ice maker that perfectly realizes hygiene and convenience.
Enjoy simple and fresh crystal-clear ice anytime, anywhere.

High-Quality and High-Performance Home Appliance Manufacturing Technology


Crystal Ice Maker

Unrivaled manufacturing technology for domestic major brand home appliances
It is a home appliance brand that will lead a new life based on this foundation.


The best refrigerant application specialist in Korea

Because the difference in technology makes the difference in quality, all products of STENIC It is completed by integrating the know-how of DH Global, a company specializing in refrigeration applications. DH Global produces a variety of products such as showcase refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and clothes care machines. As a leading company that has accumulated domestic top-level refrigeration application technology through production and export, Even at this moment, we are conducting research to improve product quality in our own technology research center. It's repeating. Precise and efficient manufacturing techniques are unmatched by anyone. STENIC's unique competitiveness and driving force.


New Ddesign, New Space

STENIC is concise but does not lose trendiness. We are looking for a unique design. on the nature and function of the product Focus on the rapidly changing market trends and Observe the needs of consumers, and from our own point of view reinterpret. Simple but stylish design While blending harmoniously into everyday life It becomes a point that enriches the space.

Before Buying Ice Maker Check List

  • Is It a Reliable Domestic Product?

  • Can Clear Crystal Ice be Iced?

  • Is It Possible To Use It In a Large Capacity?

  • Is the Ice that has been made well stored?

  • Is there a UV LED system that can be sterilized?

Add Interior

With a modern and simple design, it adds a sthenic mood to your kitchen like an interior accessory that goes well with any kitchen.

White, black, pink
basic colors and
various concept colors

Elegant design is added to kitchen appliances with a touch screen top that can be operated simply and a one-tone color body that is not superfluous.

Transparent and
clear crystal ice

“Crystal Ice Technology”, a key technology that maximizes the transparency of ice, allows you to enjoy iced beverages cooler and refreshingly with clear, sparkling crystal ice.

Mounted UV
sterilization lamp (270nm)

Bacteria breed even in refrigerators and ice trays! Safe and clean ice using UV sterilization function (UV Sterilization LAMP (270nm))

Manufactured in Korea!
Home Appliances
Made in Korea

Just as we insist on clean water, now we have to insist on clean ice! The Stanic Ice Maker is a domestically manufactured home appliance that can be used with confidence.

Intuitive LED Icons

Intuitively check through the LED icon on the top of the insulated door without having to find out which function is working now.





Ice making capacity up to 15kg per day

We provide up to 15 kg of ice per day so that you can use plenty of ice at home or outdoors.

Incredibly fast ice-making speed

10 pieces about every 7-15 minutes,
quick ice creation can shorten the waiting time.

※ Depending on the ambient temperature and water temperature,
the ice making cycle may take 7 to 15 minutes.

Long-lasting Transparency

Enjoy clean ice for a longer period of time
with Stenic's unique crystal ice method,
which is different from existing ice trays.

Reliable manufacturer

We provide high-quality and high-performance home appliances based on our unrivaled technology in manufacturing home appliances for major domestic brands.

Stainless steel 316 material used

Made of rust-resistant stainless steel,
It provides clean ice by creating a hygienic ice storage environment.

User-centered design

A safe door that closes softly,
and a status indicator light to intuitively
see the progress of the ice maker

Equipped with washing function

When filled with water, the crystal button and
If you press the quick button simultaneously for 3 seconds, automatic cleaning starts.

※ After cleaning, open the drain plug at the bottom of the product to drain the water,
Put the stopper back on to close it. If the stopper is not properly closed, there is a risk of water leakage.


Even in the kitchen.

In summer, the ice tray is insufficient, and the sophisticated design makes the interior of the kitchen more luxurious.

Even in the office, ice is needed. The Cetanic ice maker has a sophisticated design and goes well with a simple office interior.

Even at the company.

Even outdoors.

It is a portable size of 15kg, so it is not burdensome to carry around.

Product Specifications

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Product Name

Crystal Ice Maker

Model Name

DIM-0151MBLG / DIM-0151MWHG / DIM-0151MPKG (Manual Watering)
DIM-0151ABLG / DIM-0151AWHG / DIM-0151APKG (Automatic Watering)

Rated Voltage

220V / 60Hz

Ice production capacity

15kg / Day

Product Size

W284 x H360 x D399 mm

Box size

W357 x H444 x D467 mm

Product Weight / Packing Weight

11kg / 12.4kg

Water tank capacity


Power Consumption


Refrigerant Used

R134a (49g)

Ice making time

7-15 Min (Based On Rapid Speed)

  • The ice-making time changes as the water temperature decreases during ice-making
  • Quick ice making creates cloudy ice and reduces ice making time by 15%
  • Ambient temperature 10℃, water temperature 27℃ test criteria

Ice Size


Ice Form/h4>

Bell type (Finger Type : 10)

Standard usage environment

10℃ ~ 30℃